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SSB Direct: I hope somebody picks up that phone...

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 8, 2014, 11:34 PM

MTC Commissions available!: Mk3! by MTC-Studios Commisson Sample Board - Adult/18+ version by MTC-Studios

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:iconcoolerplz::iconsaysplz: BECAUSE I FUCKING CALLED IT!

HOO BOY! Today's been one HELL of an eventful day for me on the internet! Nostalgia critic review food fight today (go watch that after you read this if you haven't already), Starbomb released the LOZ rap music video

and biggest of all, THE SUPER SMASH BROS DIRECT!

Advance warning: SPOILERS!

Ok! So a LOT was revealed during this direct. Some of it was technical and online stuff which I'm not interested in, because I'm not a big online player anyway (Those of you who know of my experiences of playing yugioh online can understand why online metagames infuriate me)

But a lot of the things that DID interest me were things I totally predicted! I so fucking called a bunch of this stuff!!!

Let's go over some things~ First up: Items

So the Beam Katana's back, and this time it looks like it draws it's power from THE FUCKING SITH! Glowing all red with an evil looking hilt. Awesome.

Zelda shows her true colours by detonating link with a motion sensor bomb

:iconexcusemeprincessplz::iconsaysplz: Well EXCUUUUUUSE me princess!

The pow block is confirmed!

:iconcoolerplz::iconsaysplz: Called it!

The beetle from Skyward sword is basically a mini landmaster kill.

a new sword item from mario appears, the fire bar. Which decreases in size the more hits it lands. Such a clever idea!

A back shield which protects from attacks from behind.

Bombchu, a moving explosive.

The fairy bottle appears as a healing item. Could this be replacing the heart container?

We get to see the Ore club from Kid icarus in action.

the X bomb detonates both horizontally and vertically.

Olimars ship is shown in action as another new bomb item.

A jet pack called the rocket belt grants more air time. Mac seriously needs that.

And lastly the steel diver gun which shoots mini torpedoes.

Then there's assist trophies

Andross, devil, knuckle joe, Waluigi, Lyn, Saki, nintendog and dr wright all make their return.

Skull kid is shown in action, vertically mirroring the stage.

Mother brain fires a seizure beam.

Midna is confirmed as an assist trophy! And she whips her hair back and forth! she whips her hair back and forth! Sad that she's not a playable character, but hey, whatchu gonna do?

Ashley is shown in action, creating what will basically be the new negative zone now that Luigi has the Poltergust instead.

Dark samus appears, doing some cool evil spike shit.

and chain chompm appears too, doing what chain chomps do best. bite everything!

Isabelle chucks out heals, and gives folks feels.

:iconcoolerplz::iconsaysplz: Called it!

and ELECMAN appears and throws lightning bolts. Sorta surprizes it's not air man or quickman given their popularity in pop culture...

but the best assist trophy BY FAR... PONG!

Following that, we have pokemon. Masterballs are confirmed, and they contain the rare and legendary pokemon.

Arecus create meteor smash inducing waves!

Meowth and Electrode come back.

eevee is confirmed as a new pokemon.

Staryu and Metagross are back.

Fennekin is confirmed, and uses ember. As well as Meloetta, who fires music discs, and Gogoat who charges around the arena, AND YOU CAN RIDE ON HIM!

Entei returns too. As does Deoxys.

Palkia rotates the screen.

Kyurem is confirmed and uses Blizzard/Glaciate

:iconcoolerplz::iconsaysplz: Called it!

Victini is also confirmed and uses some sort of star power.

:iconcoolerplz::iconsaysplz: Called it!

Keldeo has also been confirmed and uses Sacred sword.

and lastly, xerneas is confirmed as a pokeball pokemon, and uses Geomancy.

after that, there's updates on the returning fighters

Samus and Zelda no longer transform. Zerosuit samus and Shiekf are no seperate characters, and all 4 of them have new specials to replace their transformation moves. Zero suit has rocket feet now to power up her kicks. Zelda can summon a phantom knight, shiek gets a new bomb attack.

Kirby's hammer is now a charge attack, and his final smash has been changed to his super move, ultra sword

:iconcoolerplz::iconsaysplz: Called it!

Dedede throws gordos instead of waddledees now. HOORAH!

Lucarios aura is stronger, and his final smash is now Mega Lucario and all his aura attacks max out.

Olimar only has 3 pikmin following him at a time in a set order, his recovery is now better as long as he's not holding pikmin.

Pit can no longer glide, but all of his other moves hit harder and his recovery move is more efficicient. His final smash is now the 3 sacred treasures.

:iconcoolerplz::iconsaysplz: Called it! ... Sorta

Yoshi is confirmed to return, and stands more upright... That's all we got from him.

following them, Sakurai tells us more about the new fighters.

He basically explains the playstyles we've seen, so instead I'll show you what we didn;t know, their final smashes!

Rosalina fires power stars in all directions with a grand star

Little Mac becomes giga mac. And mac also gets an alternate costume, his wire frame look from the arcade punchout.

:iconcoolerplz::iconsaysplz: Alternate costumes! Called it!

Villager calls in the nook family, who builds a house around his foes that explodes.

Megaman calls in ALL his other incarnations, who fires lazer blasts in an awesome cinematic!!! seriously capcom! Why can you not treat this character with the same respect nintendo is doing!?

Wii fit trainer has a poer up move, and a charge up projectile attack. She also has a male conuterpart who plasy the exact same way she does. It just comes down to choice with them c:

:iconcoolerplz::iconsaysplz: Alternate costumes again! Called it!

Following from there, we discover than in matches with friends or solo, you can customise your characters moveset! Changing the mechanics of how they work! This is gonna throw all the tiers over our heads! FINALLY!

After that, there's the reveal of SMASH RUN. A new battle mode exclusively on the 3DS. This mode has players traversing a massive stage, fighting various enemies from all across nintendo games, and take power ups, which will be used in a free for all match afterwards, completely altering how players control from normal matches. THIS IS SO COOL! It's like a multiplayer adventure mode with super battles afterwards! And since it's clearly based on Subspace, but has improved elementas that I predicted (more enemies from actual games and more varied looking areas) this technically counts as a called it!

:iconcoolerplz::iconsaysplz: Called it!

you can even used special abilities and there's also various hazards that can occur during any game of this.

And that was the nintendo direct, I personally felt this was-


That's right! In typical sakurai troll fashion, he saves the best for the very last just when you thinks is over after the outro sequence!

We get the reveal of Charizard, as his own singular playable character this time! Sporting some new moves and his new final smash: MegaCharizardX! Oh but he wasn't alone in the revails in the sequence... For another new challenger strikes from the shadows

:icongreninjaplz: GRENINJA MAKES A SPLASH!

:iconcoolerplz::iconsaysplz: Called it!

That's right! Another Newcomer folks! And this time it's Greninja, who I totally predicted!!! And daaaaaamn this trailer makes me wanna main him so bad!!! SO MUCH WANT!

So yeah, as you can guess, I'm super happy with this

and the best part, the 3ds version comes out this summer! So we'll be able to have all our juicy details before then! And you can garuntee I'll be playing it!

So tell me what you guys all think about this?

And how many of you thought Greninja was mewtwo at first? I wasn't fooled, but I know a lot of people were, so go on and admit it xD


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yeah i tried drawing one of your fakemon looked OK to me because i had almost no room on the paper
A very impressive set of Ghostricks >w< I know it's not the main draw of your gallery but I had to say it X3 lovely hehe 
Philaphobia 5 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much for the watch asdkhlaklsdhalkhd
Philaphobia 5 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Mistyofdragon100 5 days ago  New member Student
slickedbackArtisan Apr 12, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
slickedbackartisan.deviantart.… Someone's taking your stuff mate
Thanks for the fav! :iconsqueeeeplz:
dfutch Apr 1, 2014  New member
hey im not sure if anyone has asked you this, but are you ever going to implement your fakemon into a hack? I would really love to play it.
bloodyantagonist Mar 28, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I shall be watching. Great work here buddy.
Congrats of Wicked Wardrobe falling back into your hands again!
I saw DoctorTroid's update video, stating that he no longer has involvement in Fiona Frightening, that the project is entirely yours, and that we should come to you with any questions.

I'll just ask a few basic fundamentals about it: How is it coming along since the IndieGogo campaign, will it be a video game or animated series, and are all the voice actors and/or musicians still involved (like Mike Pollock, Linkara, PhantomSavage, Team Four Star, and Grant Kirkhope)?
Thanks for the fav! :iconsqueeeeplz:
Semir10000 Mar 24, 2014  New member
hello im semir10000 and im a big pokemon fan. i saw yours and they are one of the best i ever saw. iv been looking in devian art for a few weeks, but i had a page for only less then a week. im manly a ben 10 artiest but i also want to start making my own pokemon, but i cant draw them, i can draw ben 10 aliens, but for some reason i cant draw any pokemon or there evolutions. so maby you can make and send me some pokemon just to get me started. starters,others,legendarys. thos kinds. i am willing to make a dual for them like maby i can make any kind of alien you want for pokemon.

type me back.
I can only accept commissions

here's my prices:
Semir10000 Mar 24, 2014  New member
i have no job or alowenc. im pure,
That's too bad then. Sorry.
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Thanks for the fave! :floating:
Silverfusion Mar 17, 2014  Student Writer
ur ghostrick stuff is amazing :)
Thank you ^ u ^
Velink Mar 14, 2014  Hobbyist
AFterall this time,
I finally found out that I forget to watch you

so have my watch now XD
have you seen this show called future card buddy fight its by the same people who made vanguard. the selling point for this series is that the monsters are real which brings up even more plot holes than in vanguard
javiermtz Mar 6, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for deviantwatch me, I appreciate it so much.
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