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June 11, 2011
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AT4W: Spawn and Batman by MTC-Studios AT4W: Spawn and Batman by MTC-Studios
:iconbatmanplz::iconsaysplz: to be.. or not to be... THE GOD DAMN BATMAN!

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:iconbatmanplz: :iconsaysplz: Alas poor Linkara. I knew him, for I am the god damn Batman.
curepine123 Jun 15, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Linkara's a face? PRICLESS!

Great job!
When I saw this, I though Spawn said that batman's poetry sucked and this is the result. :)
ANG-Phoenix Jun 12, 2011
kinda makes you wonder what could go wrong with such a perfect match
Frank Miller, who's never written anything resembling a good Batman story in his entire life. That's what went wrong.
ANG-Phoenix Jun 14, 2011
the Dark Knight Returns was good
So was Batman: Year One
They both sucked. Irredeemably so. Plotless, incoherent, full of stupid and unlikeable characters (including Batman himself), Catwoman as a hooker in both, and DKR marked the beginning of Miller's nonstop Superman bashing. There's no difference in quality between those and Miller's subsequent Batman stuff, unless becoming more entrenched in his own stupidity counts as a difference.
ANG-Phoenix Jun 15, 2011
They were good,
If you notice, in DKR, Superman was still portrayed as a pretty likeable character, who's love for the people put him into a bad situation (he decided to work for the government, in exchange for still being allowed to save people)

Batman himself wasn't nearly as psychotic in these titles as in Miller's later exploits.
It took allot more to push him over the edge, and was generally less willing to use lethal force
He also relied more on his smarts

"stupid and unlikeable" you basically described the vast majority of humanity here
The characters being jerks does not mean the story is bad, real humans tend to be even worse

Face it, Miller was a good writer at one point, but he got stuck in his own conventions and clichés, believing his own hype
Don't tell me what I did or didn't notice. Those books were TWILIGHT-level Mary Sue garbage and that's that. I will NOT be told to like books that offer nothing of value. And I will NOT be told to "face" that a talentless writer was ever good when his work is consistent across the board in its failings.

You have no right to talk to me like this. Don't ever do it again.
ANG-Phoenix Jun 15, 2011
And you have no right to spew such bullshit about an actual good work, just because it's author lost his way later on, just because you have conservative tastes

Let's be honest, you are just parroting whatever Linkara says, and try to be holier than the pope on top of that

Don't like it?
But don't harras people for being less closed-minded than you

btw, nice gallery
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